Wednesday, February 6, 2013

03 Jetta TDI GLS

This is my second VW TDI. The first one I got for the 40 mpg. Someone hydroplaned in the rain and hit it the parking lot at work and totaled it out. It was an '02 with an auto trans.

I started looking around the net for info on TDI's and found and Lot's of good info there and many diy guides. The very interesting thing was that it is pretty easy to increase the power of the TDI engines. T stands for turbo and turbos are great for performance. With upgraded components and an electronic tune, it is possible to to increase the stock 87 HP engine dramatically. 87 sounds wimpy, but diesels have a lot of torque which makes a big difference in the performance.

This is my new (to me) TDI, it's an '03 Jetta GLS with a manual transmission.

It gets 40 mpg towing that trailer on the highway, slightly better without it, and 35-40 mpg in town.

I have started upgrading it. This is what I've done so far:
  • Ventectomy and mufflerectomy.
  • short shifter - huge improvement in shifting.
  • Replaced the Monsoon radio/cd with a Pioneer unit with CD/USB/AUX. It works with the Monsoon amp in the trunk. VW's have great stock speakers with a 6-1/2" woofer and 1" tweeter in each of the four doors. It's a really great sound system.
  • Bosio Sprint .205 injector nozzles have replaced the stock .186 nozzles. They were pop tested my Kerma before install.
  • Custom tune from It now has approximately 120+ HP.
  • Newsouth boost gauge mounted on the steering column.
  • dieselgeek race pipe deleting the EGR valve and blocking the EGR outlet from the exhaust. The Kerma tune already had deleted the EGR function from the ECU.
  • CCV catch filter to remove it from the intake.
  • KermaTDI Old Man intake - metal 3" intake from the filter box to the turbo.
  • KermaTDI stainless steel intercooler piping.
  • EGR cooler delete.
  • Kerma performance intake manifold.
  • Borg Warner s7 turbo charger - spools much faster than the stock Garrett.
  • 1 micron fuel filter
  • NOS Recaro drivers seat (cost $700)

This car is for sale. More pictures here: